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Neal Parent

A professional photographer for over 40 years, Neal Parent started his career as a photojournalist for a small mid-coast Maine newspaper. Although his primary subject has been the coast of Maine - its waters, landscapes, boats and people; in recent years his work has expanded to include Scotland, Wales, Italy, Ireland, France, China, California, Florida, Wyoming, and Montana where he has held photography workshops,

Joanne Parent

At a young age, Joanne began to draw pencil portraits under the guidance of her father who taught her the delicate balance between lightness and darkness - skills that would prove invaluable later in life as a Maine fine artist. Growing up in Mid Coast Maine, Joanne was surrounded by forest and coastal inlets which provided an endless stream of inspiration that she would bring to reality on canvas in the future. She graduated from Belfast Area High School, a year early, being one of two winners in the State of Maine Art Competition. She was offered a scholarship to the Maine College of Art, but decided instead to travel around the world.


Holly Lombardo

You could say she’s been a painter her whole life, she just didn't know it. Holly attended a science and engineering college and earned a Master of Science degree in Cell Biology, not art. But her desire to be creative has always existed. Now she paints with a purposeful urgency, expressing the colors and textures she noticed growing up spending most of her free time outdoors in Maine. As a child Holly tromped through the snow chasing rabbit tracks, examined the undergrowth on the forest floor, and noticed details on painted Trillium and the birch tree trunks- her observations inform her work today. Holly is grateful to be able to merge her scientific and observational skills as she literally engineers her artwork by applying math and proportions to the canvases; she eagerly mixes colors much like a scientist mixes their solutions in the lab. She cannot separate the scientist and artist that she is, and she does not want to.

Jo Rocknak

Jo Rocknak was born in Eastern Pennsylvania and educated at the Portland School of Art in Maine from 1993 to 1996 graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Painting. She also studied at the Massachusetts College of Art and Boston Museum School. She has been passionate about creative freedom as far back as she can remember. For her, becoming an artist was a sole life’s option. She currently works and lives in Camden, Maine. Her work has been exhibited in group shows from Pennsylvania to Maine and is held in private collections.

Kirk Moore

R. Kirk Moore was born in 1951 in New Jersey. He attended Catholic grammar school, and high school (St. Joseph's in Metuchen, NJ) and graduated from the College at Georgetown University in 1973 with a B.A. in theology. During his senior year at Georgetown Mr. Moore studied drawing with Frank Wright at George Washington University, and art history at American University.

Marybeth McGinley

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Marybeth has lived on the coast of Maine since 2004. She
has had several years of formal art instruction combined with years of self direction. She paints
the energy of the landscape of Maine - a late afternoon field, reflections of the summer sun on
the water or a cold misty morning.

Nicole Peak

Moving to Belfast as a teenager from an urban area, I have much appreciation for Maine’s natural elements. I collect much of the material for my pieces right on the mid-coast. Trying new mediums is always exciting and interesting to me. Taking classes with local artists, Joanne being one of them, has broadened my love of art even more.


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